7 Reasons to Believe: Cowboys Can Beat the Eagles

Since Monday around 3pm Central Time all I’ve done every hour or so is google news about the Cowboys, specifically about their, about our, multifaceted QB, Tony Romo. I think I have finally made peace with the situation. If I had to bet on it, I would not bet that Tony will dress up for the Cowboys on Sunday. As most out there think, I think the Cowboys are trying to play some mind games with the Eagles, but ultimately it will be Kyle Orton behind center on prime time this Sunday. I hope I’m wrong, and I could be, Romo is probably the toughest QB in the NFL and it’ll take much to taking him out of the game. Let’s remember that he led the Cowboys through all that 4th quarter 9-point deficit comeback with the injury.

As I kept looking for updates on Romo, I also noticed that no one, absolutely no one out there has written something about an even remote possibility that the Cowboys could come up on top when time expires next Sunday. That is why, I feel an obligation to point out some reasons for hope and state that the Eagles might be 7.5 points favorites (2.5 if Romo plays), but they are by no means invincible. 

1. The Cowboys are solid at home. We are 5-2 at AT&T Stadium with those 2 losses combined by 4 points in the 2 heart breaking games against Packers and Broncos. As the years have passed, that Stadium has become louder and louder and less comfortable for opponents. This Sunday as long as the game is close (and I think it’ll be), the Eagles will notice the crowd. 

2. 17-3 road victory at Philadelphia. Just 2 months ago when the Cowboys Defense was extremely criticized and banged up (as they are right now), they came up with their best performance of the season. The Eagles have vastly improved since then, but recent history says that if the Cowboys can control one offense, it’s the Eagles.

3. Dez Bryant + Demarco Murray + Jason Witten + Improved Offensive Line. With Orton the Cowboys might not be able to score 40+ points, but they might not have to if point 2 holds up. The Cowboys Offensive Line has become a strength for both the running game and pass protection. Demarco Murray is enjoying the best moment of his career as is Dez Bryant. On top of that, Jason Witten is still a game changer. The Cowboys will be able to move the ball despite Romo’s absence.

4. Special Teams. Dwayne Harris is back at practice and it looks as if he’ll be able to play. He’s been a Top 5 return specialist in both kick returns and punt returns this year. This game might come down to a special play and Harris is very capable of delivering.

5. Philly ain’t super special. Somehow public opinion has the Eagles as an NFC candidate. They have had a nice run since that Cowboys loss, but they miserably failed on the road vs Minnesota just 2 weeks ago (vs a back-up QB ) and they beat the Cardinals just because of what was probably the worst refereeing call of the season in what would have been Nick Foles’ first INT.

Stretching it a little bit (… you know I had to…)

6. Odds. The Cowboys are 136-135 since 1997 and 24-23 since Garrett took over. What are the odds they’ll go back to an even .500? There is no way right? Riiiiiight?

7. Karma. The Eagles have in their roster 2 of the most hated athletes in the world (and rightly deserved so): Mike Vick and Riley Cooper. Everyone knows Vick’s story, karma got to him and now he’s the back-up QB. On the other hand, Cooper has had his greatest season yet despite being an a-hole. Somehow people have written about him as a redemption story. That’s awful. It’s time for karma police to step up and take him out (and the Eagles).

The Cowboys will most likely play without their best players on both offense and defense, but I just gave you 7 awesome points to believe why the Cowboys can win. This is the NFL, a league where anything can happen.

Merry Christmas! & #goCowboys

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