Terrorism in the Olympics: What Sochi’s Black Widows Have in Mind

Catchy title huh? I’m sorry if you’re expecting some breaking news with special information about what is actually not going to happen. Let me tell you something different instead. 

In one week I will leave the freezing weather of Washington DC (as I’m writing this it’s 16° F outsideand head towards the warmth of Sochi (52° F right now) for the Winter Olympic Games. I’m confused. But that’s not what has me the most confused. For the past few weeks I have been retweeting a good amount of tweets that mention security issues for the upcoming Winter Olympics. Doing this has been eye opening because of the quantity of bad publicity that’s being directed towards this Olympics Games. 
I’m starting to believe that our biggest worry should be the media and not potential (long-shot) terrorist attacks. To prove this I conducted a little test, just went to my favorite search engine, Google, and typed “Sochi Winter Olympics”, then clicked on News and 14 results popped up in the first page. Seven of those, so 50%, was negative publicity in one way or another! Negative publicity for one of the most incredible sporting events. Why is this happening? Does Google hate Russia? Is the threat real? Or my favorite: Is fear more attractive than good news?
Yesterday, Washington DC’s local Channel 9 came to the George Washington University to interview some of the students that are going to Sochi. Although I wasn’t interviewed, I was present during the entire session. Five students and the professor leading the trip were interviewed, the person conducting the interview who I believe is named Hank Silverberg, asked questions such as: What are you most looking forward to? What makes you want to go to Sochi? What is your favorite sport? And the question that he asked everyone was: How concerned are you about security issues and terrorists threats? Or somewhat along those lines.
Of course what was chosen to be screened in yesterday’s evening news was just the answers to that last question. And the title in their website: “Sochi Security a Concern for GW Students.” I’m convinced the interviewer just came to GW to get that last answer from us, he was not interested in anything else. He had not made his research and was just looking to what would generate the most amount of clicks in their website. One of his questions was: I have heard that the Russians have spent over $180 million in putting this event together, what do you think about that? If I was the one answering that question I would have said, well, they’ve spent 500 times more than what you just said, and yes, it’s a lot, actually it’s more than every Winter Olympic in history combined!. I’m not trying to pick on this guy, I’m just trying to point out that now everyone wants a piece of Sochi’s negativity. There are some real issues to be mad about, like the gay rights controversy, but just feeding fear to the public? 
One of the tweets I RT’d was from @Time. If you click on that link, just the first paragraph talks vaguely about this “very likely attacks”. I have to say, they are doing a great job in misguiding their audience.

I will personally go there and aim to learn a lot and enjoy myself. I will be as objective as possible and tell you in this blog about what’s really going on, good or bad. But I promise one thing, I will not make things up nor will I feed you catchy titles that are either not true or the content has nothing to do with it.
It’s the Olympics people! I invite you to repress the negativity and enjoy with the talented athletes!
Until then…
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